Notorische Reflexe

Brezhnev Rap

(the anticipation of Gorbachev)
Moscow 1983
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Moscow 1983.
Brezhnev was already dead, but Gorbachev not in sight. Andrea and me entered Moscow with a tourist visa, a tiny super8 camera, b/w film material and a nice peace of hashish. We wanted to know how Moscow did look like off the red square parades. High noon of the cold war, there was no footage availabel of people eg.: traveling by underground. How does a socialist shopping window look alike? are there shopping windows at all? back in Berlin i went to the CCCP Novosti-press agency for a Brezhnev foto. they were sceptical, but gave it to me. The young canadian film maker Lisan Thibodeau just arrived in Berlin, and lent Brezhnev her lips. The musik is composed by GŁnter "Ghazi" Friedenberg. The "rap" is clipped from a Brezhnev speach in font of the congress, wich GŁnter piched a bit to make it swing. Assistant director: Andrea Champ.

We included the "Brezhnev Rap" in our performance for the "Notorische Reflexe" show and was part of the "Notorische Reflexe" performance.
From Moscow with love.
Knut Hoffmeister

Music: Ghazi Twist
Voice: Leonid Breshnev
Lips: Lysan Tibodaux
Camera Assistant: Andrea Schempp
Montage: Hoffmeister/Twist
Director: Knut Hoffmeister
Production: Notorische Reflexe 1983

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